Dr. Diedrich educates students, parents, and organizations on the importance of removing negative stigmas associated with learning disabilities. As a professional speaker, author, and advocate for students with learning disabilities, Dr. Diedrich teaches students to find their jet packs to overcome any obstacles in their path!


Dr. Diedrich is a biomedical research scientist studying how HIV changes immune responses to tuberculosis.


Dr. Diedrich speaks about his personal experiences dealing with learning disabilities and the techniques he utilized to overcome their challenges and embrace their benefits.


Dr. Diedrich writes extensively about learning disabilities and how society should embrace those that have them.

Learning Disability Advocate

Dr. Diedrich advocates for children and adults with learning disabilities by helping remove barriers to their success.

LD PhD Network

Organizations that Dr. Diedrich has given speeches to, authored articles for, been interviewed by, or currently volunteers for:

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